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How to Plan that Home Spa Party

If you are planning for a great girls’ night get-together, then a home spa party can be a great idea. This is surely an excellent idea that you can go for when celebrating a bridal shower or when you just want to have fun with your girlfriends. Such spa session or the microdermabrasion at home is surely a fantastic idea that will make everyone want to do such more often. Surely, no one would hesitate getting pampered. This is the reason why you should have that home spa party. These are among the things that you need to prepare so that you can enjoy a great activity at home.

The first thing that you should prepare is the invitation. You may have to come up with a great design that really suits the activity that you have in mind. You can actually send the invitation through email using a reliable online service in which you can design the invitation for your home spa party. It is also a great idea that you hand them physical invitation cards to ensure that they won’t forget the event as they can post this in their reminder board or perhaps the fridge.

You can also phone them and give them the information regarding this event. Also, it would be necessary that you give them a week’s notice so that they can ready their schedules and you should also inform them about the theme for the home spa party that you are planning. You can have oriental theme or just facials or any other theme that you have in mind. It is also a great thing to have that English tea party which is a popular and a fun choice to go for.

It is also very important that you would keep the guest list small to avoid getting crowded. A home spa party is perfect for just a few of your close friends. A maximum of ten people may be the limit, depending on the space that you have at home.

You must also let the guests know about the things that they must bring to your party. To ensure that they feel comfortable, they shouldn’t forget the basics. Also, they must bring comfy outfit, open-toed slippers and towel.

Also, you have to make the space decorated so that you will make the place quite inviting for the guests. You should also not forget to put extra fresh towels as well as tissues and also a garbage can to keep the place tidy. To ensure that the place will have such relaxing vibe, then you should put a beautiful flower bouquet. A scented candle can also do the trick.