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My Grandfather Lives On In My Son

Many people told me that my grandfather was a great man. He was an artist, and a veteran at the same time a member of the freemason. He does not talk too much, he was stern, but also loving and kind. My grand father passed away when I was still at a young age but I still have a lot of memories about him. Remembering every specific details of his face, including the large glasses he used to wear is easy as closing my eyes. I can still remember how my grandfather laughed.

I remember my grandparents living just a few distance away from where I used to live when I was young. We often gave my grandparents a visit especially during special occasions. My grandfather’s station wagon would usually be parked away from their driveway just to make space for the tables and chairs. Up until now, I can still remember how those navy leather seats smell and how the soft material feels. I have a wooden dresser inside my bedroom and it would seem to look a lot like the dark wooden panels on my grandfather’s station wagon. The station wagon was quite big. Because of its size, my grandfather would usually refer to his car as his “boat”.

My grandfather had a magical garden. The garden had perfectly line stones, I used to play on the garden pretending that I was a princess. My grandfather would usually watch me while I play on the garden. My grandfather would be sitting on a white chair near a table. He would be observing the neighborhood while smoking a cigarette. I can still remember how he always had rough hands and dirty nails.

He was a very talented artist. My grandfather would usually draw black and white pictures of gorgeous women. He made a picture with thousands of different dots, it was my favorite.

My grandfather was not only expert with a paper and pen, he was also excellent with a scroll saw. Right now I have several of his works at my home, but when I was young I did not have full appreciation on the degree of his woodwork. Back then I was not interested on his woodworks but right now I’m having interests on doing scroll saw reviews of his past works. As I close my eyes, I would run my hand on the top of a small table he made. The details of the table he made would remind me of the old car he used to have.

It would be nice if my grandfather was able to meet my son. They would instantly be close to each other. It was easy making my grandfather laugh. My son has the same sense of humor as my grandfather. My son is an entertainer and just like my grandfather, he would always make people laugh.

Even though my son did not have the same artistic talents as my grandfather, he still is fascinated by arts. Me and my son would usually do something artistic almost on a daily basis.