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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Litigation Lawyer

Litigation, like a visit to the dentist, is rarely a fun experience but at times a necessary one. It disrupts your business, interferes with your life, can take too much of your time, and also cost you a good amount of money. Making a choice on who is to be your lawyer will be the most important choice you make when you are made to walk the litigation road. In numerous ways, you will be led by the lawyer you settle on, in this path. You need an attorney who is both the right fit for you and also has the right skills for your particular case. Outlined below are some of the things you should look into as you choose your business litigation lawyer.

First and foremost, have an almost accurate monetary figure of the expected total cost of the services availed to you by the lawyer. You will likely get charged for calling your lawyer in the event you are being charged per hour for the services offered. You will also get billed in the event your lawyer has a discussion concerning your case with another person in his or her place of work. You will also get charged when an associate researches matters to do with your case. The examples outlined above are not unexpected. Likely services to also be incurred such as those of faxing, photocopying and electronic research are to be considered. In the letter of engagement, these and other billing factors should be taken care of.

The other thing is that you should know the strong and the weak points of your case. All business owners who are facing litigation, should be given an honest review of his or her case. In the event your business litigation lawyer tells you that your case is without hope, leave. Reason being that there is never certainty when a case is put before a judge or an arbitrator or some other third party.

Qualifications of the lawyer is an aspect to look at. The important aspect here is if or not the lawyer you are to pick has sufficient know-how in the area of your case. Take ample time to asses every attorney’s qualification. In the event your case will possibly go to trial, find out if your lawyer has enough experience in trials. In that case, attorneys who got their licenses not long ago, won’t have enough experience.

Lastly, take a look at the engagement agreement. Ask to evaluate, the engagement agreement of the lawyer. The document is supposed to outline the scope of engagement, the fee structure, other charges likely to be incurred and how these charges are to be handled. The moment it is signed, it will be legally binding. Look for a different attorney if the one you are about to pick says the engagement agreement is not necessary.

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