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3 Delectable Protein Shakes You Must Try

Becoming a mom is a responsibility that’s both rewarding and extremely tolling to one’s body and though you may be incredibly busy, it should not stop you from making sure that you have a healthy diet and nutrition. There would be times where you may be too busy to eat on the table and have a relaxed time while eating and when you realize this, it is important that you consider protein shakes as an alternative as it is an on-the-go meal replacement that would surely not lack when it comes to the nutrition it could bring to your body.

It is not surprising if you find the idea of protein shakes to be utterly gross or disgusting since it really tasted like that in the past but no more, since there are more protein shake recipe today that will surely make your taste buds tingle in excitement while also not failing you when it comes to nutritional value. However, there are endless combinations for protein shake recipes that you could use today that it may even be not enough for you to try them all, making it important to pick those that you’ll love. Take note of some of the delectable recipes below and you may even find yourself the best protein shake for you.

Nothing could be better to propel you to your daily tasks other than a protein shake that could bring you a marvelous combination of protein, sweets and caffeine all in one dose and that is through the Vanilla Coffee Shake. The ingredients are all so simple as well: you just need to blend and mix protein powder with vanilla flavor, a coffee-flavored ice cream along with over a cup of low-fat milk and the result would surely be an outstanding shake that’s more than enough to satisfy you and give you the nutrition and energy you need for the day.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could also opt for an orange juice shake if you are not that fond of the mix of coffee and delightful vanilla. You could boost your overall health with the orange juice by rendering you with an outstanding amount of Vitamin C, all while making sure that your taste buds are more than satisfied with its taste. You can make this treat with a simple blend of protein powder, vanilla and oranges and you’ll have the instant goodness you’re looking for but of course, you can always make it taste sweeter with sugar as well.

Chances are, you also love berry and this may be due to the taste and the fact that there are plenty of berries with antioxidant capabilities. With a non-fat milk, all kind of berries to your liking and coupled with ice, you can definitely achieve a concoction that you would love ‘berry’ much.