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Reasons You Should Educate Your Child About Lockdown Drills

Preparing your child for a lockdown drill is important though some find it scary especially the ones you never know when something will happen and the knowledge will be useful.As much as you want your child to learn, you should also take certain strategies so you can effectively teach them about lockdown drills so they will not be scared when there is an emergency plus it is the knowledge that will help them in the future. It is necessary that you teach your child they are still young so they are mentally prepared when there is a fire at school or any other emergency and they know how to stay safe.

What Happens During A Lockdown Drill
When talking to your child you must allow them to ask questions and you should have proper information so you can give answers and satisfy their curiosity which is important and they can make important decisions. It is important that you teach your child calmness when they are in a dangerous situation like when there is a fire, they should not run all over the place but look for safe locations until help arrives. Parents may feel it is not important to answer questions raised by their children but this helps build trust and they are able to explain more to their peers at school so you end up indirectly helping more kids.

It is easy for most children to understand what you are saying when you use familiar reference and relate it to the main topic like comparing a fire drill to a lockdown drill. In many learning facilities, fire drills are a necessary routine to educate students but you can have a fire plan in place so your child can see what happens and they will do the same during a real emergency. Many facilities are now teaching are now teaching children about lockdown drills so they can remain safe during a scary event and they are mindful of the people around them.

It is simple for people to explain the situation to the child but they want to know more about what situations will trigger a lockdown drill in the school. Children will feel that their teachers are in control of the situation but sometimes they might see potential harm that the children cannot see and that is why they should ensure their safety through a lockdown drill. When there are an emergency people help each other so they can take control of the situation and that is why you should encourage your child to be a helper while some school’s students wear whistles on their school lanyards.

If you want you can use lanyards with the same color so you know the class the students belong to plus it will help if they are printed with the phone number.