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Top 10 Marvelous Natural Sites in Vietnam.

Last year was a remarkable period in Vietnam given that it was able to able to welcome 13 million tourists, which was three times more than the amount that explored the country a decade ago. This has been due to the wild and beautiful sights in Vietnam coupled with the fascinating history and bustling cities.

If at you are a budding explorer then Vietnam is the perfect destination and it is due to this reason that this article have sampled 10 best natural sights to visit when you visit Vietnam.

Halong bay.
Halong bay is the most popular tourist attraction sight in Vietnam apart from being UNESCO World Heritage site. The limestone islands and concealed caves are some of the sights that should give you the urge of putting this place at the top of you list when arranging for a trip to Vietnam.

Con Dao islands.
This is also another fabulous spot during dry seasons where one will have the opportunity to see beautiful islands way from the tourist trail. Here you will spot the rare dugong, explore the coral reefs and wonder at the sea turtles breeding on the beach.

Sa Pa.
The culture and beautiful scenery that this place offer makes it a good place that should be explored. The terraced paddies emanating from the Muong hao valley makes the sight awesome.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes
This is a section of the incredible locations in Vietnam because as the sand brightness in shades of red they make a lovely scene that is worth enjoying and keen-sighted in your time. This scenario actually transforms your imagination to another world that perhaps you haven’t seen before.

MA Pi Leng Pass
This is one of the 12 mile street between Dong Van and Meo Vac that will be giving up the type of journey that you have never imagined about.

Cave at Son Doong
This is one of the caves that were discovered lately and it one of the biggest caves in the world about 40 stories Down. One would require an expert there tour who will be guiding you in the cave.

This is a section of the good looking alps in Vietnam with foreign building reinforced through the forest, lakes and hills around the mount

Mekong Delta
This Delta positioned on the southern portion of Vietnam which gives the country its good-looking diversity.

Bac Son Gorge
This is a place with low population of sightseers and you have the ability of adoring the natural landscape.

Ban Gioc Cataracts
This is located around the Chinese Border and has been the largest waterfall in Vietnam.